Inpatient Treatment

PAM Voyages Behavioral Health of Conroe offers acute inpatient crisis stabilization with an intensive treatment program provided in a safe and secure hospital setting. Our inpatient services include 24-hour nursing care and daily provider visits that are not available on an outpatient basis. We CARE about each patient, developing an individualized treatment plan with a multi-disciplinary treatment team to assist each patient on his or her voyage to wellness.

Med-CARE Inpatient Program

Our team specializes in treating the behavioral health needs of patients with medically complex challenges. We recognize that patients facing medical challenges are still in need of quality mental health services and have built a foundation of competency to coordinate care of both medical and mental health needs while at PAM Voyages of Conroe.

Our aim is to provide therapeutic mental health treatment coupled in a safe environment for those with co-occurring medical issues. At PAM Voyages of Conroe, we will coordinate mental health services for patients with needs for oxygen, catheters, tracheotomy care, intravenous antibiotics, specialized medical equipment, physical therapy, and other coordinating medical issues.

We will collaborate with primary physicians and specialists to assist patients with varying medical challenges to receive the mental health assistance that is needed.

Senior-CARE Inpatient Program

Seniors face unique mental health and medical challenges and our team is skilled in caring for older adults. PAM Voyages of Conroe’s Senior-CARE program provides a healing environment with therapeutic groups geared specifically toward the unique challenges which older adults face. With a geriatrician on-staff, our medical and behavioral teams have decades of experience assisting seniors on the path to healing.

Over 20% of older adults suffer from a mental or neurological disorder with the most common disorders being dementia and depression. Our team has developed programming specifically for seniors to address risk factors for mental health problems such as life stressors, loss of capacity, decline in functioning ability, grief and anxiety, bereavement, loneliness, in addition to substance abuse problems.

Outpatient Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) provide an excellent option for patients transitioning from one care level to another while allowing them to build upon their successes. We will being offering IOP and PHP in late 2024.